About Vancouver Is. Landscape Images by Chris Carter

About Chris                                                                                                                                 

Chris has lived on Vancouver Island for over 30 years. He loves to photograph the landscapes and natural beauty of this diversified Island. One week he will be visiting the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve exploring the beaches of the wild West Coast. The next, if  in the winter, he may be snowshoeing in Strathcona Park and Paradise Meadows. His daily walks take him along the shoreline of the Comox Valley on the east coast of Vancouver Island. He has also captured many images of the Interior Forests journeying around the Island. He is a Member of the Comox District Mountaineering Club and hikes extensively on the less precipitous routes enjoyed by this active Club. 

For several years Chris taught in the Professional Photography Programme at North Island College.

For his photographic education, Chris has attended workshops with Bruce Barnbaum, Don Kirby, Brooks Jensen and Freeman Patterson.

About his work

Chris sells prints through this website and from Galleries on Vancouver Island. He prints on Fine Quality papers and Canvas.  Many of his most popular images are panoramas of Island views.

You can purchase Prints made and signed by Chris or you can order professionally made reproductions from the original files supplied by Chris.  Downloads for both Personal and Commercial use are available from this website.

Chris seldom accepts commissions. Outdoor, landscape photography is so dependent on weather, tide and seasonal considerations that it is difficult to produce any image "To order". Chris selects the best images from his shoots to offer for public purchase.

Current Projects

Chris is working on producing an eBook of 3 "Seasons in Paradise Meadows". He has been photographing this area for several years and has completed (for the time being) a collection of Black and White and Colour images for this book. The project is planned to be completed by summer 2011.

Another mini-project studies the effect of the elements on the Comox Bluffs which have been slowly eroding into the ocean for thousands of years.

On this years list of places to visit are the Carmanah Giant Spruces, Tofino and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve with a family visit to New Zealand in the winter. The Comox Valley and Paradise Meadows are in his back yard and frequently visited.


Chris now shoots digital using Canon 5D and Panasonic GF 1 cameras.  Age dictates less weight on longer hikes and the GF1 has proved very satisfactory for all but the most exacting work. He prints with Epson 3800 and HP Z3100 printers.  Many Black and White images in his portfolio were taken with film cameras in that past era.

Chris as an information resource.

After years of travelling and exploring around Vancouver Island, Chris is a good source of information for first time visitors and photographers wondering what to shoot. Chris welcomes enquiries at chris.carter.sales@shaw.ca